About SS Icecream

S.S. Ice Cream-A feather in the Cap

After a jubilant success of S.S. sweets, we decided to pursue growth It was S.S. Ice-cream, which has in a very short duration become the preference of class lovers. We have carried forward the tried and trusted values of Quality, Quantity, Purity and Authenticity. S.S. Ice-creams make your functions and celebrations a complete treat along-with the sweets of S.S. It is said in Sanskrit” Madhuren Samapayen” Let’s sum-up with sweetness— It has become a widely accepted fashion to serve Ice-cream after the lunch or dinner. S.S. Ice-cream materializes this mantra.

The Passion For Quality-13 Fat Factor

The quality of Ice-cream not merely depends upon the taste but it essentially requires the richness of fat. Today, when some renown brands seem to have started compromising with fat content of the Ice-cream and, started selling frozen dessert, we The S.S. are passionate about the criteria of minimum 13 Fat count. Our Ice-cream passes on the criterion of this one of the most significant quantitative aspect of quality. Our QC department is fully conscious and alert about this Fat Factor.

It’s Real Milk Real Cream and Real Icecream

Nothing accept milk is allowed as an basic ingredient of Icecream at S.S. because only real milk and real cream meet the customers perception of real Icecream. No substitutes or alternative fats like oil are used in making of our Icecream. Our supply chain source for the best milk and best milk cream and with teaming, we make real Icecream. Finally once customers taste it they become fond of it.